Foley: The Finest Fish in Town

July 12, 2016 /// Special Features

Foley: The Finest Fish in Town

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but only one fish house Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House will rely on: Foley Fish. For decades, we’ve relied on Boston’s finest and freshest to deliver our high standards three times per week.

Since 1906, Foley has been committed to providing that “fresh off the boat flavor.” Perhaps that’s because they insist on remaining intimately familiar with fishing boats and their captains in Portland, Gloucester, Boston, New Bedford, Scituate and Cape Cod – the heart and soul of the American fishing industry. This tradition of staying closely connected to the right sources for seafood was started by Foley Founder and Irish immigrant Michael Frances. Today, it is carried on by the family’s fourth generation owners.

To ensure the peak of freshness, Foley hand selects only one- and two-day-old fish. Much like a wine connoisseur recognizes subtle differences in flavor based on conditions in grape-growing regions, Foley seeks the best “vineyards” of the sea, where the quality of water, amount of sunlight and nutrients are just right, providing seafood with the most distinctive tastes. Once the premium fish are selected, Foley seals in the freshness with a meticulous packing process.

Uncompromising is a word that accurately describes Foley, but delectable and unforgettable are a few others that our guests might suggest – especially when it comes to our Shanghai-Style Calamari. Harvested off the coast of Rhode Island, calamari has a natural tenderness and sweet, mild flavor. Don’t forget our lump crab. To be more specific, our Jonah Crab is a favorite that is often noted for its exceptionally sweet flavor. It’s found on the Georges Bank near the continental shelf.

Foley also provides signature favorites on our menu like wild salmon, oysters, lobsters and sea bass. We could go on, but we know we’re just making your mouth water.

What’s your favorite seafood dish on our menu? Tell us in the comments.

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