Del Frisco’s Chicago Towers Over the Rest

April 8, 2016 /// Lifestyle / Restaurant / Special Features

Del Frisco’s Chicago Towers Over the Rest

Set inside the historic landmark Esquire Theatre, Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Stake House in Chicago claims three floors in the heart of the vibrant Gold Coast district. At the center of high-end shopping and leisure, it’s safe to say we’re right at home. Its stunning interior was designed to maintain the historic architecture of the theatre while creating an intimate and engaging experience for those dining.

Many of the Esquire Theatre’s original elements were incorporated into the layout of this staggering 24,000 square-foot culinary colossus: the most notable being the original Esquire marquee. The marquee holds a tremendous amount of nostalgia for both the theatre and the city, so we are proud that it hangs in our main floor lobby. Additionally, the enormous chandeliers, twisting staircase and bars that stretch for miles remind us of an older, more classic Hollywood era. But with one key modernization: our three-story wine tower.

Understandably, the nearly 50-foot tall wine tower serves as the restaurant’s cellar and is the centerpiece for the entire space. Winding toward the heavens, the staircase is surrounded by magnum after magnum, totaling 1,500 varieties of wine from across the world. However, that’s not even the most impressive piece. Due to the sheer size of the tower, the floors below the restaurant were unable to withstand its weight so it had to be affixed to the ceiling; it hovers inches above the floor of the restaurant.

Chicago has certainly seen its fair share of steakhouses, and will meet many more in the future. When it comes to sophistication, hospitality and serving the finest steaks around, we are simply a cut above the rest.

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